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Copernicus Academy and Relay

Copernicus Academy & Relay, an EU and ESA ambassador programme, is driven by Maynooth University in Ireland. 

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EO Community

We collaborate and associate with various government bodies, industries, research institutes, organisations and associations to develop earth observation capability in Ireland.


EO Resources

Learn about various software and tools that are used for GIS and satellite image processing in applied Remote Sensing and Earth Observation for insights and analysis. Identify the right tool for your need and download. Learn about various libraries, download imagery and understand data license requirements before starting your work.


Read, access and download suitable open source software and tool for image processing and analysis. 


Choose the commonly used Python/R libraries for image processing and anlayis.


Get access to satellite, aerial and other imagery.


Learn about the data standards and open data sources.

R&D Projects

Glimpse of various EO projects happening in Ireland


Fires, Land and Atmospheric Remote Sensing of EmissionS (FLARES)


Developing high resolution Soil Moisture Estimates from Satellites


Improving understanding of the impact of human activity on land use, and how it relates to climate change, with the ultimate aim of reducing global carbon levels by sharing the insights and models developed with other countries

EO Knowledgebase

Get quick access to case studies, tutorials, skills and expertise that are required to build EO capability in Ireland.


Find here a selection of tutorials, lectures, case studies, upcoming trainings and other online training resources on spatial and GIS topics in relation to Copernicus programme.

EO Data Portals

Learn about various earth observation satellite missions by ESA, NASA and other international space agencies and get access to their data.

Catalogue of Satellite Instruments

Find here a database of Instruments deployed in Earth Observation Satellites (Copernicus Sentinels, Landsat and other commercial satellites) with their application and a link to access their data. 

Remote Sensing Indices Database

Find here a quicklink for database of remote sensing indices. You can search indices for specific application and satellite sensor.

EO/RS/ GIS Courses in Ireland

Find here the list of courses offered in the Irish Universities covering Remote Sensing (RS), Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Earth Observation (EO). Get details of the modules offered and their point of contact. 

Funding and Tenders

Find here remote sensing and earth observation related funding and tender opportunities in Ireland and across Europe.

See here for Horizon Europe(HORIZON) funding opportunities
Satellite Connectivity for Autonomous Land Vehicles Safety

Feasibility Study

OPENING DATE : 15-10-2022
CLOSING DATE : 28-02-2023

Space for Green Construction

Feasibility Study

OPENING DATE : 31-10-2022
CLOSING DATE : 28-02-2023

Sustainable Digitally Connected Solutions for the Commodities Crisis

Feasibility Study

OPENING DATE : 01-07-2022
CLOSING DATE : 31-10-2022


Feasibility Study, Demonstration Project

OPENING DATE : 03-03-2022
CLOSING DATE : 31-12-2025

Latest News

Upcoming events and opportunities with latest news and information about earth observation programmes, data access and skill development are available here for quick reference.

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Climate change results in increasingly frequent water scarcity and drought. The protection of water resources is one of the cornerstones of Europe’s environmental policy. The European space data stream provides[…]

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EGNOS upgrade getting ready to improve performance and elevate the user experience

On 7 October 2022 at 7:32 UTC, an Inmarsat 4F2 geostationary satellite orbiting some 35.000 km above Earth began broadcasting EGNOS V242B test messages that will ultimately improve EGNOS performance[…]

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The Team

Researchers from the National Centre for Geocomputation, NUIM are instrumental in developing the ‘Earth Observation’ web platform and contributing towards the European Union’s Copernicus Academy & Relay programme in Ireland.

Pallavi Prasad

EO Hub Coordinator

Irish National Coordinator for the Copernicus Earth Observation Programme

Dr Stephanie Keogh

Research & Science Coordinator

Research and Science coordination for EO Hub platform development

Prof Tim McCarthy

Principal Investigator

Irish National Delegate for the Copernicus programme in Brussels

Daire Walsh

Senior EO Data Platform Developer

EO data platform development

Mohsen Nurisa

Geospatial Web Developer

EO data platform development

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