Let’s shape the future of EU satnav together!

Let’s shape the future of EU satnav together!

The EU Agency for the Space Programme, EUSPA, has launched the 2021 Galileo and EGNOS User Satisfaction Surveys. Having your feedback is crucial to the evolution of the satnav components of the EU Space Programme.

The Galileo and EGNOS User Satisfaction Surveys are addressing all users and market segments including: Aviation, Maritime, Rail, Road, Consumer Solutions, Agriculture, Geomatics and Critical Infrastructure. When responding to the survey, select the market segment in which you operate; the market segment that corresponds to your main area of activity; or the market segment that is the most important for your company or organisation, if you are active in multiple market segments you can select more than one. The surveys only take a few minutes to complete and your feedback will make a real difference.  

Take part in the Galileo survey here.

In addition, the EGNOS survey also covers all the EGNOS services, including the Open Service, the Safety of Life Service and the EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS). It also assesses the EGNOS service provider’s management of EGNOS User Support Services. 

Take part in the EGNOS survey here.

Based on the feedback, recommendations will be drawn up for improvements across all the EGNOS and Galileo services and support to users. For an overview of the results of the previous EGNOS and Galileo User Satisfaction Surveys and the recommendations generated, click here for Galileo and here for EGNOS. 

The EU Space Programme was conceived with the core aim of multiplying the benefits of space for the society. EUSPA wants to make sure that all end users in Europe and across the globe are satisfied with the service provision. Let’s keep our conversation going!

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