Copernicus to expand its user-base with new demonstrators (Webinar)

Copernicus to expand its user-base with new demonstrators (Webinar)

Copernicus has been monitoring the Earth’s environment from several years now, providing a unique combination of full, free and open data and services in six thematic areas: Land, Marine, Atmosphere, Climate Change, Emergency and Security. The Copernicus system consists of three main components: a space component, which delivers data from a fleet of dedicated observation satellites (the ‘Sentinels’) and from contributing missions; an in-situ component which collects data acquired by a multitude of sensors at air-, sea- and ground-level; and a service component which transforms the wealth of satellite and in-situ data into timely and actionable information products.

The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is playing a key role in the downstream user uptake activities of Copernicus, the EU Earth Observation Programme. In its current role related to the Copernicus Programme, EUSPA is looking to demonstrate 6 innovative Proof of Concepts, starting from 10 areas, divided in two Lots:

Lot 1: Mobility, Emergency and Infrastructures
Lot 2: Consumer and Environment

For each Lot, 3 Proof of Concepts will be demonstrated, starting from 5 areas, prioritizing the most impactful and promising markets for current and potential Copernicus data use.

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The objective is to demonstrate the utilization of Copernicus data and services in the user’s operational environment. Therefore, the technical demonstration should be concretely integrated in a controlled operational environment of the user.

EUSPA intends to promote the widest participation possible by economic operators, in particular start-ups, new entrants, and SMEs.

To do so, the agency is organizing an industry day -online- on 06 June 2022 at 10:00 to present the details of the procurement for “Copernicus Demonstrators”. You can find the agenda here.

Potential participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the mission of the European Union Agency for the Space Programme and the procurement documentation and submission process.

For more information about the utility of Earth Observation data across various market segments you can consult the EUSPA EO and GNSS Market Report.

Join us for the webinar, register here.

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