EUSPA Industry Days: CASSINI Hackathons & Matchmaking Procurement in a nutshell

EUSPA Industry Days: CASSINI Hackathons & Matchmaking Procurement in a nutshell

CASSINI is the European Union’s initiative to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in the space industry, including New Space, during 2021-2027. The initiative is open to all areas of the EU Space Programme, and covers both upstream (i.e. nanosats, launchers, etc. and downstream (i.e. products/services enabled by space data, etc.). CASSINI includes a €1 billion EU seeds and growth fund, hackathons and mentoring, prizes, a business accelerator, partnering and matchmaking.

A recently launched EUSPA procurement (OJ contract Notice 2023/S 139-441759) will cover two lots: Lot 1 CASSINI Hackathons (€4,700,000.00) and Lot 2 CASSINI Matchmaking (€2,800,000.00). 

The tender documents are available here 

CASSINI Hackathons

Europe-wide CASSINI Hackathons offer a chance to develop digital applications building on space data, including satellite images and positioning services. Lot 1 will cover the support in the hackathon implementation, including selecting and supporting the local organisers for two annual CASSINI hackathons, developing communication and promotion plans, ensuring event efficiency, and supporting EUSPA in the mentoring sessions for the hackathon winners.

CASSINI Matchmaking

CASSINI Matchmaking connects start-ups, scaleups and SMEs with corporates and investors to accelerate their business. This Lot will cover the organisation of a series of matchmaking events, aiming to expand professional networks and improve the start-ups and SMEs ability to enter new markets and achieve rapid revenue growth. The events will involve two types of matchmaking: i) investor matchmaking, and ii) industrial partnering.

A dedicated webinar will take place on 8 September 2023 at 14:00 CEST

You can join the webinar here

The deadline for submissions to the call is 13 October 2023 – 17:00 (Brussels time)

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