Empowering Security: The European Union Space Programme and EUSPA’s role in advancing resilience and innovation

Empowering Security: The European Union Space Programme and EUSPA’s role in advancing resilience and innovation

The European Union Space Programme stands as a pivotal pillar in advancing security applications, propelling research, and fostering innovation across Europe’s space endeavours. The Programme serves as a cornerstone for various security applications thanks to its various components. The Copernicus Security Service delivers vital intelligence for external action, as well as border and maritime surveillance. The use of Galileo-protected services, including but not limited to its Public Regulated Service (PRS) which provides encrypted positioning and timing data, ensures secure and reliable operation of critical infrastructure and sensitive missions and applications. GOVSATCOM enhances secure satellite communication for governmentally authorized users, while the upcoming IRIS2 program will further elevate satellite communication’s resilience. Together, these initiatives reinforce Europe’s security capabilities and readiness, enabling more efficient operations for security actors.

The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is supporting the possibilities brought by the different components through a comprehensive array of initiatives to fortify security capabilities in diverse dimensions.  

Within the Agency, the Security Accreditation Board (SAB) operates as a distinct body responsible for accrediting security in the EU Space Programme’s components. It takes its decisions in an independent manner including with regard to the Commission and the other bodies responsible for the implementation of the components and provision of service. EUSPA’s proactive approach is vividly evident in its outreach to user communities, actively refining services based on their nuanced requirements. A prime example is the ENTRUSTED project, a collaborative venture that meticulously consolidates governmental user needs, subsequently tailoring services for enhanced effectiveness. The agency’s interactions with security users, exemplified by the organisation of events like the first SatCom downstream event, underscore its dedication to comprehending and addressing user demands. Further showcasing this dedication is the EUSpace4Ukraine initiative, which lends support to crisis management actors and NGOs in a pivotal geopolitical region.

Anticipation builds around the recurrent User Consultation Platform (UCP) meetings, to take place in Spain in the framework of the EU Space Week in November 2023. Set to convene stakeholders, the UCP furnishes a platform for insightful deliberations, particularly emphasizing Resilient Societies. Here, stakeholders will converge to deliberate emerging challenges and chart strategies for heightening societal resilience. This undertaking mirrors EUSPA’s commitment to bolstering security applications capable of countering evolving threats.

EUSPA’s alignment with Horizon Europe adds a potent layer to its approach, fostering security application development. With the evaluation of the second Horizon Europe call concluded, expectations mount for upcoming projects geared toward addressing security use cases. This synergy exemplifies the agency’s resolve to stimulate innovation and collaboration, spanning a wide gamut of security realms.

As the European Union Agency for the Space Programme perpetually evolves, its steadfast commitment to propelling security applications, nurturing research, and fostering innovation emerge as a guiding force, shaping a safer and more robust future. The stage is set for ground-breaking developments that promise to revolutionize security capabilities, fortifying Europe’s readiness against intricate challenges.

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