Challenge accepted

Challenge accepted

Think you have what it takes to solve some of today’s most pressing issues using EU Space? If your answer is an unequivocal ‘challenge accepted’, then the CASSINI Challenges are open for your prototypes and/or products. 

The CASSINI Challenges aim to support the development of innovative commercial solutions – such as mobile apps or hardware-based solutions – that leverage EU Space data from Galileo and/or Copernicus

Prototypes and products wanted

If the Idea Track is now closed with more than 100 proposals received, we are now looking for prototypes and products. 

You can submit till 9 February your prototype under the “Submission of a Prototype” track. The application should showcase a tested solution in a relevant environment, detailing its typical use case, addressing customer needs, and highlighting the value proposition. The targeted Technology Readiness Level (TRL) for applications in this track is TRL4-TRL7.

For the Product Track, submission is expected on 19 April. More details can be found here

Still EUR 800 thousand in prize money on the table!

Choose your challenge!

One of the three thematic challenges have to be addressed when proposing your prototype or your product: 

Next Generation Challenge: applicants are asked to leverage Galileo and Copernicus data to craft value adding solutions to improve the well-being, safety, security and connectivity of EU citizens.
Sustainable Future Challenge: participants are tasked with developing innovative solutions for the conservation of ecosystems, sustainable agriculture and management of energy and resources.
Emerging Technologies Challenge: innovators must develop disruptive solutions combining EU Space data with deep technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum technologies (quantum computing, sensing, simulation, encryption, etc.), Blockchain technology and Extended Reality or the Metaverse (Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR).

EUSPA’s got your back 

For those ready to accept the challenge, you can find all the information you need – including the contest timeline, criteria, rules and application process – here

If you’re still on the fence about applying, know this: throughout the entire competition, you’ll have the full support of EUSPA’s team of Market Development experts, who will offer advice and guidance to participants. You can also attend the webinar planned on January 23rd

If that’s not enough to send you searching for the ‘apply now’ button, you’ll also have access to our treasure trove of tools, market intelligence and publications, including such titles as the EO and GNSS Market Report, GNSS User Technology Report, EU Space for Green Transformation and the GNSS Investment Reportamongst others

Say it with us: ‘Challenge accepted’

Think you have what it takes to be the next SeaCras or Orioos

Not only did these two past winners go on to become successful companies, today they’re making a real impact on society – all while using the data and services coming from EU Space. 

Accept the CASSINI Challenge and apply today

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