SME Symposium: WM Promus, Bridging the IT Skill Shortage Gap in the Defence Sector

SME Symposium: WM Promus, Bridging the IT Skill Shortage Gap in the Defence Sector

We are delighted to announce our inaugral SME Symposium hosted by ADS Member, WM Promus. Meet with experts from recruitment and information technology fields to explore the solutions of IT skill shortage. The seminar will culminate with a case study illustrating how the British Army employs IT automation to augment user experience. This case study will spotlight the Information Application Services (IAS) Branch of the British Army, showcasing its effective delivery of software applications, hosting, and web services on a global scale.

Based on The European Defence Skills Partnership’s skills intelligence summary, the rapid evolution of technology has led to a heightened demand for proficient IT experts in the defence industry, particularly those possessing expertise in emerging technologies like RPA, AI, and big data. Nonetheless, a persistent deficiency of IT skills within the defence sector has presented significant obstacles to maintaining operational readiness and bolstering national defence capabilities.

This seminar aims to delve into the impediments and resolutions for bridging the IT skills shortage in the defence sector. It will scrutinize the root causes of this shortage, including the absence of dedicated IT training programs, relatively low salaries, and the competitive landscape of the IT job market. Furthermore, the seminar will explore the ramifications of the IT skills deficit on the defence sector, such as the hindered adoption of novel technologies, heightened cybersecurity risks, and reduced operational efficiency.


15:00 – Introduction – Alex Green, ADS Membership Account Manager
15:05 – Welcome and introduction – Tom Hickmott, Business Development Manager, WM Promus
15:10 – Bridging the IT and Engineering Skill Shortage Gap: Strategies for Building a Future-Ready Workforce – Chris Heathfield, Head of Engineering, Eminence Recruitment
15:30 – Enhancing Resilience in the Defence Sector: Drawing External Resources to Sustain Internal Operations – Eileen O’Mahony, General Manager, WM Promus
4:00pm – Networking and Refreshments
4:25pm – British Army: Improve Service Delivery with Automation case sharing – Aidan Beeson, Enterprise Automation Specialist, Red Hat
5:00pm – Q & A session
5:15pm – Raffle

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