Data Access Points

Copernicus Data Hub

Get an overview of how and where to access the Copernicus full, free and open data.

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Access free space data based on services and missions provided by ESA & EUMETSAT. Click here to get more information and access to the satellite data.



Data and Information Access Services

DIAS is a cloud-based data platform funded by ESA. There are five DIAS online platforms: “Creodias”, “Mundi” “Web Services”, “Onda”, “Wekeo” and “Sobloo”. You can discover, manipulate, process and download Copernicus data and information from these platforms.
There is also a comparative study published by EARSC highlighting their characteristics and features and can be accessed here. Click below to get more information on the variety of data available and ways to access.


INSPIRE Geoportal

Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe

The Geoportal allows:
– monitoring the availability of INSPIRE data sets;
– discovering suitable data sets based on their descriptions (metadata);
– accessing the selected data sets through their view or download services.

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GEOSS Portal

Global Earth Observation System of Systems

The GEOSS Portal is an online map-based user interface which allows users to discover and access Earth observation data and resources from different providers from all over the world.
The portal is implemented and operated by the European Space Agency and provides a single internet discovery and access point to the ever-growing quantities of heterogeneous collections of Earth observations from satellites, airplanes, drones and in-situ sensors at global, regional and local scales through the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).

Discover data

Sentinelhub Playground

Sentinel Playground utilizes Sentinel Hub technology to enable easy-to-use discovery and exploring of full-resolution Sentinel-1,Sentinel-2, Landsat 8, DEM and MODIS imagery, along with access to the EO data products. It is a graphical interface to a complete and daily updated Sentinel-2 archive, a massive resource for anyone interested in Earth’s changing surface, natural or manmade.
The application is perfect for someone, who wants to find the latest available images of current events (such as forest fires), observe droughts, download a nice looking poster, or simply understand how Earth observation products are built.


TARKKA Service for Satellite Data

TARKKA is a public service for Finnish Environment Institute’s
(SYKE) open satellite data.

Browse and view SYKE’s open satellite data and additional data covering the region of Europe. Satellite data includes among other things:
 -True color images of Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 instruments
 – Water quality data of the Baltic Sea and Finnish lakes
 – Snow data of Northern, Eastern and Central Europe
 – Various index mosaics

The map interface of the service offers the following:
 – High resolution satellite data (10 m – 60 m)
 – Medium resolution satellite data (300 m – 1 km)
 – Daily update of new satellite data to the TARKKA service

Access to TARKKA serviceMetadata of Tarkka ServiceInformation about SYKE’s products based on satellite observation