Galileo OSNMA Webinar: All you need to know about the Public Observation Test phase

Galileo OSNMA Webinar: All you need to know about the Public Observation Test phase

The EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is hosting a webinar on the Public Observation Test Phase of Galileo OSNMA. Scheduled for 2 February 2022, this digital gathering will offer receiver manufacturers and application developers a comprehensive overview of the new Galileo differentiator and insights in the ongoing test phase.

Intentional satellite interference is not a new issue. Lately, however, the GNSS industry has been facing more and more incidents of jamming and spoofing, driven mainly by the growing awareness and the availability of low-cost, illegal disruption equipment. GNSS signal falsification can have disastrous impacts on applications and market sectors that rely on precise and reliable position, navigation, and timing information. The global economy could suffer tremendous losses in case of GNSS outage caused by various attacks, including spoofing.

To contribute to the detection of certain types of data-level GNSS attacks, EUSPA and the European Commission are currently testing the Galileo Open Service – Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA). The OSNMA is a new, breakthrough feature of Europe’s positioning system which meets a clear user need: the provision of a more robust and trustworthy GNSS benefitting a broad range of applications. This forthcoming service is an authentication mechanism that allows Open Service users to verify the authenticity of its Navigation Message, making sure that the data the users receive is indeed from Galileo and has not been modified in any way.


To acquaint interested receiver manufacturers and application developers with the Galileo OSNMA functionalities, EUSPA is hosting a webinar on the upcoming Public Observation Test Phase of the Galileo OSNMA on 02 February 2022. EUSPA experts will provide an overview of the OSNMA service roadmap and receiver guidelines, present concrete use cases where the service can make a difference, explain how to join the Public Observation Test phase, and share your feedback.

By participating in the test phase, you will be able to:

test the performance of the new service in their solutions.
get hands-on experience on a long-awaited feature of Galileo and GNSS as a whole
Be part of a one-of-a-kind user community and gain exclusive insights from experts on the market
Give your OSNMA-enabled solution extra visibility.  
Have the chance to steer the service towards targeted enhancements

To find out more about the test phase register for the webinar here.

Please note that the OSNMA public observation phase is targeting receiver and device manufacturers. 

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