Galileo Timing Service Workshop, when time is of the essence

Galileo Timing Service Workshop, when time is of the essence

In a joint effort, EUSPA and the European Commission will host an interactive workshop dedicated to the upcoming Galileo Timing Service and its implications for Timing and Synchronisation (T&S) applications.

The availability of accurate and secure timing information is crucial for a range of strategic activities. This is especially the case for critical infrastructures, like telecommunication networks, energy distribution grids, financial markets and commercial aviation systems and networks. All of these benefit from the timing and positioning information provided by Galileo.

As timing and synchronization become increasingly indispensable in our lives, EUSPA and the EC are bringing together key stakeholders in T&S, including users and receiver manufacturers. This effort aims to facilitate discussions on user needs and requirements for the future Galileo Timing Service.

An online workshop on the Standardisation of Timing Receivers will take place on 2 February 2024. The primary objective of the workshop is to validate hypotheses adopted in the development of the Galileo Timing Service. Additionally, EUSPA and the European Commission will present the upcoming Galileo Timing Receiver Standard and the activities conducted within the STARLITE Project and the CEN/CENELEC/JTC5 Working Group 9. 

You can join the workshop by following this link

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