Copernicus Academy and Relay in Ireland

The European Commission has established a network of Copernicus ambassadors called the Copernicus Relays whose prime function is to act as local EO champions of their regions. To coordinate and promote activities around the Copernicus Programme, its benefits, and opportunities for local residents and businesses.

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The European Commission also launched the Copernicus Academy network to make space data available to the end users into a more usable form. This network includes research & academic institutions with authorities & service providers and facilitate collaborative research, develop lectures, training sessions, traineeships as well as educational and training material.

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In Ireland, Maynooth University is hosting Copernicus Relay and Academy and as part of that developing an Earth Observation web platform called ‘EODataHub’ to facilitate the programme. EODataHub is a central location for discovering and accessing Earth Observation (EO) data, EO tools and resources and EO relevant events.

Our core objectives align with those of the Copernicus Programme, with particular reference to the Island of Ireland

– To foster user uptake of Copernicus Open Satellite data at a local, regional and national level

– To engage with new and existing Copernicus users to build capacity and skills in Earth Observation

– To share resources and help to build strategic networks across public and private sectors in Ireland

– To support public and private sectors in Ireland to harness funding opportunities for building real-world EO applications and services

– To showcase a range of real-world Use Cases from across Europe and Internationally with particular reference to agriculture, maritime and climate sectors

– To host a series of webinar & seminars aimed at deepening strategic partnerships between interested stakeholders and developing EO based services that address real-world challenges